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San Francisco Appellate Attorney with a National Reputation

Decades of success in appellate work

If America is a land of second chances, Doron Weinberg is the champion for those who want to appeal an erroneous judgment or conviction. Widely recognized for the quality and success of his appellate work for more than 40 years, Mr. Weinberg has achieved a number of important defense victories at the appellate level, particularly in federal court.

Determined to obtain justice for our clients

Throughout the years, our reputation for success on appeal through diligent investigations, eloquently written motions and persuasive oral arguments in trial has made our services much sought after by defendants seeking that second chance. We are never more professionally or personally satisfied than when our appellate work leads to freedom for innocent men and women. Such was the case in our representation of Roy Lopez  Garcia, who was convicted of murder because of the unreliable testimony of a jailhouse informant. Mr. Garcia spent eight years in jail before we stepped in to achieve a not-guilty verdict — and subsequent freedom for our client.

A track record of habeas corpus relief

When bail or parole has been denied to our clients who rightfully deserve it, we have successfully used a writ of habeas corpus to determine if there is lawful authority for detention — and if not, that our client be released.  Attorney Doron Weinberg has successfully used a writ of habeas corpus when, under California law:

  • False evidence that was substantially material or probative on the issue of guilt or punishment was introduced at any hearing or trial relating to imprisonment
  • False physical evidence which the defendant believed may have been factual, probative or material on the issue of guilt, caused the defendant to plead guilty

As an preeminent lawyer with the highest possible recognition by his peers, Mr. Weinberg has used his deep understanding of criminal laws and state and federal constitutional laws to obtain habeas corpus relief for a number of clients, including Boping Chen, a piano teacher who spent three years in San Quentin.  We took on his case and demonstrated that his prior lawyer did not provide competent representation because he failed to engage an expert evaluator.

Challenging overbroad warrants

Under California law, a search warrant cannot be legally issued without probable cause and a supporting affidavit or oral oath naming or describing the person, property, thing or things to be searched for, and the place to be searched. Overbroad warrants often show up in white-collar criminal cases where, for instance, a warrant is issued to seize business records. If the warrant is not clear as to what records may or may not be searched for and seized, it may be overbroad.

As the 2011 San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year, Doron Weinberg has the skill and vast experience in defending clients in matters of overbroad warrants, such as the recent high-stakes case in which a warrant was issued and law enforcement seized all the record of a multi-million dollar business. We challenged the warrant and were able to suppress the evidence, leaving the prosecution with little ammunition to support their case.

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Best Lawyers, the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession, has named Doron Weinberg as the "San Francisco Best Lawyers Criminal Defense: Non-White-Collar Lawyer of the Year" for 2011.
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