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Civil & Criminal Forfeitures

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Protecting your rights and assets in civil and criminal forfeitures

The government may have the power to seize any assets that were used in the commission of a crime or proceeds derived from certain criminal activities — including cars, homes and bank accounts — but you also have protections when the government attempts to do so. As an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer, Doron Weinberg has achieved positive outcomes for clients by using all possible defenses in civil and criminal forfeiture cases. Our law firm has been involved in a number of cases involving defense against forfeiture, including one of the largest civil forfeiture cases in U.S. history against the accounts of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine in Washington, D.C. federal court.

Asset forfeiture is a billion-dollar business for the government

From vehicles that may have been used to transport narcotics to a cell phone used to arrange an illegal act, both the state and federal government have the authority to seize property that was paid for or used in conjunction with an unlawful activity. In fact, there are a number of statutes which make the assets which can be seized by the government nearly limitless, including:

  • Contraband such as illegal weapons, narcotics and smuggled goods
  • Property used in the commission of a crime, which can include anything from a house or commercial building to a vehicle and a computer
  • Proceeds gained from an illegal activity, including cash

While criminal forfeiture requires a criminal conviction, there is no such requirement in a civil forfeiture action. And although the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 includes changes in favor of an individual who stands to lose property — strengthening the “innocent owner” defense and making the government liable for damages to seized property — the widespread availability of civil forfeiture in drug- and non-drug-related offenses makes it an incentive to conduct criminal investigation.

With more than 40 years of experience in skillfully defending against civil and criminal forfeiture, criminal defense attorney Doron Weinberg has helped hundreds of clients nationwide keep their assets. Our track record of success is just one reason why Mr. Weinberg was named 2011 San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year.

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